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My Norwich

A century of Norwich council housing

Heigham Grove
Union Street flats
Normandie Tower

Photos from left to right: Heigham Grove, Union Street, Normandie Tower.

Large demand for housing throughout Britain led to the 1919 Housing Act, promising government subsidies to help finance the construction of homes across the country.

As we celebrate a century of Norwich council housing, we look back over the city’s proud legacy.

The first council house in Norwich was built on Angel Road in October 1920, the beginning of a proud commitment to social housing in the city that has seen recently built homes at Goldsmith Street named ‘Britain’s Best New Building’.

Look back over a century of Norwich council homes

Century of housing logo

The logo for our celebrations was designed by a child at the summer street party on Goldsmith Street.

A city centre celebration

Members of our Tenant Involvement Panel suggested a floral display in a city centre flowerbed.

Flowers have been planted in the Golden Ball Street flowerbed, which bloomed in early spring 2020.

Goldenball Street flowerbed
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