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My Norwich

A tree for each year

To celebrate 100 years of council housing, we have planted 100 trees across the city in and around areas with lots of council homes. Each tree has been specifically chosen for the location. 

Road Trees
Barclay Road two magnolias
Bates Green three limes, six magnolias, one snowy mespil, one oak and one cherry
Cannell Green two oak, two magnolia, three cherry and four katsura
Civic Gardens one cherry, two pear, one plane and two sorbus
Clifton Close two snowy mespils
Clifton Street one birch doorenbos and one cherry
Dolphin Grove three cherry, three oak and one sorbus
Dolphin Path one beech and one oak
Globe Place three sorbus
Hobart Lane one false acacia, one snowy mespil and one sorbus
Knowland Grove one sorbus and one oak
Longmead three pine and one birch doorenbos
Mousehold Street one birch doorenbos
Northfields five magnolia
Old Palace Road two sorbus
Paradise Place two birch doorenbos and one cherry
Rouen Road two oak and one cherry
Russell Street two sorbus
Russet Grove two sorbus
Sale Road four snowy mespil, one false acacia, one cherry, one sorbus and two pear
Southwell Road one birch doorenbos
St Leonards Road two cherry, two oaks, one magnolia and one sorbus
St Martins Close one oak, one willow and one sorbus
Suncroft three cherry
Trafalgar Street two foxglove and one birch doorenbos
Watson Grove one oak
Devonshire Street one sorbus


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