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Street numbering and naming

Naming streets

Developers planning a new development must contact us to allocate street names. Names can be proposed but it might not be possible to use them.

Generally, street names will reflect the local history of an area. For example, in the Bowthorpe area of Norwich, the names of past mayors have been used, Norfolk nouns and the names of wild flowers found in the area. Existing names must not be duplicated and very similar sounding names are not permitted to avoid confusion.
Requests for naming a road after a person can be considered especially if they have worked hard for their community or have historical links. However, you should be aware that roads can only be named after a person where the person is deceased.

We will agree with new street names with developers and Royal Mail before finalising them. On the rare occasions that agreement cannot be reached with a developer, we have the final say. At the end of this process Royal Mail will assign postcodes and the council will notify developers. This process is free of charge.

Standard street nameplate specification

All street nameplates must adhere to the street nameplate specification.

Numbering homes

A developer needing numbers assigned to proposed homes on a new development will need to send us a plan of the development. This should only be done when the plan accurately reflects the final development. Where development is taking place on an existing road we will usually allocate numbers according to what already exists.

Naming houses

Homeowners wanting to give their property a new name or change the existing one do not need the council's permission. All homes must have a street number as this enables people to find it more easily. This is particularly important if the emergency services need to find an address quickly. When renaming a home, it makes sense to make sure that there is not a house with the same or too similar a name nearby.

Splitting houses

Anyone planning to split a house (eg into flats) should contact us to sort out the renumbering of the various dwellings.

Disputes over numbering

These occasionally arise. Please contact us for advice.

New home without a postcode

With new developments, Royal Mail doesn't activate postcodes until people start moving in to avoid problems like junk mail.

For more information call 01603 989225 or email

Report a damaged or missing street nameplate

You can report issues such as a damaged or missing nameplate using the online reporting form.

Request for an additional nameplate

Where emergency or postal services have difficulty locating an address you can request an additional nameplate.