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My Norwich

London Street 50 posters

A series of 16 posters showing the history of London Street from the turn of the 20th Century into ‘a street for feet’ in the late 1960s.

London Street in the 1890s looking towards Guildhall
c.1900: Johnson, Burton & Theobald Ironmongers
Early 1900s: a ‘street for feet’
1910s: the old Eastern Daily Press office
1911: flags to celebrate the coronation of King George V, the Queen’s grandfather
1914: recruits joining up for the First World War
1920s: as cars became more common, they shared the street with horses and carts
1931: tobacconists shop, Miller & Co traded on the street for about 150 years
1935: decorations for the Silver Jubilee of King George V, the Queen’s grandfather
c.1940: the street was busy with cars long before it was pedestrianised
1967: people crowded on narrow pavements before traffic was removed
1967: 16 July – the last day traffic flowed down London Street
1968: before new paving was laid to complete its transformation as ‘a street for feet’
1969: the Swinging Sixties – a street full of life
1969: within two years of becoming traffic-free, the old road was covered by paving
Late 1960s: Garlands Store, which was later destroyed by a fire in 1970
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