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Update on Hay Hill market stalls

Published on Thursday, 25th January 2018

We would like to address the concerns circulating about the market stalls on Hay Hill:

Norwich City Council is not stopping food distribution from Hay Hill. For years a number of groups have been using our two market stalls at night, free of charge, to distribute food and we will work with them to continue to do so.

Both stalls are rented out during the day by paying tenants. Both will shortly become vacant. One of the stalls can continue to be used by food distribution organisations during the night. However, the second stall is now at the end of its life. The current tenant of this stall is leaving so we will review the stall’s condition and look again at the cost of repair.

If the stall can’t be repaired we will work with the food organisations concerned to ensure they have a suitable facility so they can continue to work on Hay Hill.

We understand this situation has been unsettling for everyone concerned and will be meeting with representatives from the groups that we understand use Hay Hill to find a way forward so they can continue providing their service.

Update on Hay Hill following meeting with food groups

Our meeting with representatives from food groups that use Hay Hill during the evening was useful and helped us to understand more about what they need to continue their work.

We have now resurveyed the larger stall on Hay Hill, which is used by a number of food groups during the evening.

It will need extensive repairs to bring it back into use in the immediate future which will include replacing the existing roof.

This work will be carried out as soon as possible. We will be working with the organisations affected to find a temporary solution that will allow them to continue to serve food during the evening on Hay Hill while the repairs are done.