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Powering ahead with cleaning city streets

Street cleaning electric-assist barrow
NCSL employee using one of the new electric-assist barrows
Published on Friday, 24th September 2021

Our very first electric-assisted street cleaning barrows take to the roads today.

Norwich City Services Ltd. (NCSL), a company owned by Norwich City Council, trialled the barrows to help staff with what is a physically demanding job and following some moderation work, all six street cleaners are now out using the new technology in the city centre.

We're the first council in the country to use these as part of our street cleaning service.

A spokesperson for NCSL said:

“These barrows will help the crew work more efficiently than the standard ones as it will assist staff to move around easier and quicker, particularly on some of the steeper roads in the city.

“Our team has been out cleaning the city’s streets for a number of years and we wanted to access some new technology that would take on some of the physical strain of the job.”

NCSL approached the manufacturer, Overton UK, about the electric-assisted barrows and were asked if they could trial one. Following the trial, moderations were made and from today, they are being used in the city.

The barrows hold two bins and sweeping equipment and are charged at the team’s headquarters in the city centre.

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