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Council commits to fair tax resolution

Published on Tuesday, 6th September 2022

Norwich City Council has joined a growing movement of cities, towns and districts standing up for responsible tax conduct and calling for a fairer tax system.

By committing to the Fair Tax Declaration via a motion agreed by members, the council agrees to act within its means to champion a fairer tax system, leading by example and demonstrating good practice in our tax conduct, right across our services. Find out more about our commitment

Cabinet member for resources, Cllr Paul Kendrick who proposed the motion, said: “By signing the Fair Tax Declaration we are seeking to lead by example. Everyone needs to pay their fair share of tax, especially now when public spending is under such intense pressure, and we need to maintain public services to help people suffering from the cost-of-living crisis.

Leader of the council Cllr Alan Waters said, “Promoting the payment of tax strengthens our commitment to fairness, equality and social justice.

“As a council we are also proud to have Living Wage accreditation from the national Living Wage Foundation ensuring our lowest paid staff are paid a decent wage. We also work with partner organisations and businesses to make low pay in Norwich a thing of the past.”

As part of the council’s Fair Tax commitment, Cllr Waters has also written to the government to support calls for urgent reform of EU and UK law to enable local authorities to better penalise poor tax conduct and reward good tax conduct through their procurement policies.

The Fair Tax Foundation has developed the Councils for Fair Tax Declaration in collaboration with UK cities, towns and districts who believe that they can and should stand up for responsible tax conduct - doing what they can within existing frameworks and pledging to do more if given the opportunity, as active supporters of tax justice.

The Declaration commits cities, towns and districts to pursuing exemplary tax conduct in their affairs, require greater transparency from suppliers and join calls for more meaningful powers to tackle tax avoidance amongst suppliers when buying goods and services.

More information about Councils for Fair Tax can be found on the Fair Tax Foundation’s website

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