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Licensing - Taxi and private hire licence conditions and policies

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Byelaws, regulations and conditions

Licenced private hire vehicles, proprietors, drivers and operators must meet the specific conditions that are placed upon their licence.

Download Byelaws, regulations, and conditions

Guidance on determining the suitability of new applicants or an existing licence holders

Guidance on how we determine whether or not an applicant or an existing licence holder is a fit and proper person to hold a hackney carriage or private hire driver or operator licence.

Download the guidance

National Register of Refusals and Revocations (NR3 policy)

Norwich City Council has signed up to the NR3 register. This means that when an application for a taxi driver licence is refused, or when an existing taxi driver licence is revoked, that information will be placed upon the register.

This policy covers the use that this authority Norwich City Council will make of the ability to access and use information contained on the National Register of Taxi Licence Revocations and Refusals (NR3).

Download the NR3 policy

Conditions of fitness test

All licensed vehicles, private hire and hackney carriages, have to undergo an authorised conditions of fitness test, essentially an enhanced MOT, which checks the mechanical safety of the vehicle and also other requirements specific to licensed vehicles.

Download Taxi mechanical fitness requirements (Manual of Inspection Standards)

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certificate

DBS forms are uniquely referenced and therefore not available to download. To request one, call 01603 989400 and we will post it to you at the address provided.

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