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Allotment waiting list policy

We have made some changes to the allotment letting policy

How the waiting list changes will affect new applicants

For some years the council have been splitting plots to create new standard 125 sq metre plots alongside the larger 250 sq metre plots. Creating smaller more manageable plot sizes has allowed the council to create over 300 extra plots for new tenants over the last two years, while also making the growing experience more manageable for new growers. The new policy ensures all new tenants will be offered the standard plot size of 125 sq metres.  However new tenants may apply to expand their growing area within one year of taking on their plot and this will be considered if they have a good to excellent inspection record.

New applicants will also no longer be able to specify allotment plot numbers they wish to apply for. However if the applicant is on the general waiting list they may apply to take on a plot they are helping on. For this to be considered the waiting list applicant will need to be at the top of the waiting list and the consent of the tenant who is surrendering the plot must be given.

New applicants will only be able to apply for one allotment waiting list.

How the waiting list changes will affect existing tenants who are also on the waiting list

In response to the large demand from Norwich residents wanting to try the allotment experience, we are now giving priority to those people on the waiting list that do not have an allotment plot. This will not effect existing tenants as you may remain on the waiting list for an extra plot if you already have an allotment. However present demand suggests applicants who already have a total plot area of 250 sq metres or over are unlikely to be granted further plots in the near future.

Existing tenants with 125 sq metre plots can now look to expand their growing space more easily. You may now apply to take on an adjoining half plot should it become available. This will allow good growers to expand their plot to a maximum 250 sq metres. Tenants who wish to access a larger growing area will now have to prove that they are eligible for a larger plot by consistently achieving good to excellent inspection results for at least one year.

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