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Living Wage

Norwich City Council is proud to have Living Wage accreditation from the national Living Wage Foundation.

This means we are committed to working with partner organisations and businesses, including the charity Living Wage Norwich, to make low pay in Norwich a thing of the past.

The benefits for businesses of paying a Living Wage include: a reduction in staff turnover and sickness, an improvement in morale and productivity and beyond that, creating a ‘virtuous circle’ with higher pay spent locally boosting the local economy.

What is the Living Wage?

The Living Wage is a wage which pays enough for workers to have the opportunities and choices necessary to properly participate in society. It is higher than the national minimum wage.

The current UK Living Wage is £12.00 per hour (outside of London) for those over 18, whereas the National Minimum Wage for those over 21 is £10.18.

Wages in Norwich

In Norwich, more than one in four employees earns less than £9 per hour.

A total of 28 per cent of families in the city are categorised as deprived and 31 per cent of children as living in poverty.

Norwich employees are, on average, paid 13.5 per cent less than full time employees in the UK, which means many thousands are paid well below the current living wage. 

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