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Garages to rent

Monthly garage charges

The rent is calculated weekly but payable monthly by Direct Debit. Different levels of rent are charged depending on the demand in an area.

The rent charge and deadline for applications is shown when it is advertised.

You will need to sign up for Direct Debit payments before we can complete the tenancy and provide you with the keys.

Rent is calculated on a weekly basis so the charges below may be slightly higher for a while after the tenancy is set up, to cover any shortfall during this period. Rental rates are reviewed annually and subject to change at the beginning of the financial year.

If you are having difficulty paying, please contact the council to discuss your options.

Prices from 1 April 2022

Note: council tenants can only receive the rate for a maximum of two garages per council property. Any other garages rented are then charged at the Norwich resident rate.

Area Tenancy Weekly rent (incl VAT) Monthly rent (incl VAT) VAT
High demand garage Council tenant £9.33 £38.88 £0.00
High demand garage Norwich resident £16.02 £66.75 £2.67
High demand garage Non-city resident £26.11 £108.79 £4.35
Normal demand garage Council tenant £9.34 £38.92 £0.00
Normal demand garage Norwich resident £14.57 £60.71 £2.43
Normal demand garage Non-city resident £26.11 £108.79 £4.35
Low demand garage Council tenant £6.72 £28 £0.00
Low demand garage Norwich resident £9.03 £37.63 £1.51
Low demand garage Non-city resident £10.07 £41.96 £1.68
Parking bay Council tenant £4.85 £20.21 £0.00
Parking bay Norwich resident £11.63 £48.46 £1.94
Parking bay Non-city resident £14.69 £61.21 £2.45