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Garages to rent

Rules for renting a garage

You will be asked to sign a garage tenancy agreement which says you will:

  • pay the rent when it is due by Direct Debit
  • use the garage only for a vehicle for which you are responsible
  • keep the inside of the garage clean and in good repair
  • allow the council’s authorised officers to enter and inspect the garage during reasonable hours, after giving you notice.

It also says that you will not:

  • use a council garage for storage purposes
  • use the garage as a work space or carry out any business from it
  • store flammable or other dangerous materials in the garage
  • make any structural alterations to the garage
  • sub-let or part with possession of the garage.

Under the agreement, the council is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the outside of the garage. You should report any repairs needed to the council.

Parking in front of your garage

Renting a garage allows you to park your vehicle in the garage but does not entitle you to park on the forecourt in front of it and you may be subject to a parking fine if you do so. If another vehicle parks in front of your garage preventing you from removing your vehicle, please telephone the Police on 101 for advice.

Vehicle repairs

Please be considerate when doing repairs to your own vehicle. The council provides facilities for disposing of used engine oil at Mile Cross Recycling Centre  

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