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Tree work and preservation

Request work to be done on a protected tree

If there is a need to cut down or carry out tree surgery to a tree covered by a TPO, you need written permission from us.

To request for work to be done on a protected tree, apply online through the Planning Portal:

Apply to carry our work to a protected tree

Alternatively, download and complete the form below:

Work to trees application form and guidance notes

Complete the form using the Fill and Sign tool in Adobe Acrobat and email it to or print it, complete it by hand and post it to:

Planning Services
Norwich City Council
City Hall
St Peters Street

Before carrying out work on any protected tree, ask for specialist advice from an approved tree contractor or our tree protection officer on 01603 989342.

Applications for work to trees protected by a TPO are decided within eight weeks.

If you are denied permission to carry out the work you can appeal against the decision to the secretary of state.

Should a tree covered by a TPO become dangerous (eg due to a storm) evidence of the tree's condition must be collected in the first instance, even in an emergency.

If work is to be carried out on a dead, dying or dangerous tree please advise planning services on 01603 212546. This is to check that there is a good reason to remove the tree and amend the records.

Dead, dying or dangerous trees must be replaced unless otherwise agreed with the TPO.

No other approval is required if the tree to which proposed work is to be carried out is in a private garden.

For anywhere else – and if the tree or trees are over five cubic metres (timber volume) – permission will be needed from the Forestry Commission.