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My Norwich

Busking in Norwich

The sight and sound of buskers adds vibrancy to our city centre. Buskers do not need a licence to perform providing they are not causing a public nuisance, a danger to the public or an obstruction.

Code of conduct

  • Activities should not be disparaging to other cultures, or preach religious or cultural intolerance.
  • Members of the public must be able to go about their lawful business without being harassed, or intimidated.
  • Buskers must be sympathetic to other users in the area and not obstruct other lawful traders or activities.
  • Buskers must cease performing if requested to by the police or a council officer


Busking should not take place near to banks or cash machines so that the public can go about daily business. Suitable areas for busking in the city are:

  • London Street
  • Castle Street between Davey Place and London Street
  • Gentleman's Walk
  • St George's Street


Please be aware of the volume of your music. People may live and work in the area and some noise levels outside their premises may cause annoyance.

Sounds that can be a particular problem are repetitive sounds such as percussion and beatboxing; highly amplified guitars and piercing sounds like bagpipes.

Buskers should not be heard at a distance of 50 metres or within neighbouring residential houses.


Suitable times for busking are between 10am and 10pm. No amplifiers allowed after 9pm.


Buskers must ensure their activity is safe. The use of electricity, fire, knives or dangerous instruments is prohibited. It is recommended that buskers carry public liability insurance of £5 million per single claim.