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Licenced premises register

The premises register, which is updated daily, includes a mapping tool which shows the location and licence details of all current licensed premises in the following categories:

  • Adult gaming centres
  • Betting
  • Bingo
  • Club machines
  • Family entertainment centres
  • Premises licences
  • Sex establishments

Please note: even after a premises has closed the licence details will continue to appear on the register until the licence holder surrenders their licence or the licence expires.

Licensed premises register

The map also includes information from our Gambling Act 2005 - Local Area Profile metrics which provides details of the characteristics of people living in the area and the location of local services which are likely to attract potentially vulnerable people to a specific place

Using the map and register

To search for premises details, either:

  • Click on an icon on the map.
  • Use the search facility, then zoom out to see the surrounding area and any licenced premises..
  • In the list below the map, click on the house icon next to a premises to plot it. Then click the map marker and arrow head for licence details. Zoom out of the map to see the surrounding area.

Reset the map between searches by clicking on the home icon (top left side of the map).

Using layers:

Click on the top right hand icon of the map. Use the layers to add and remove the following:

1. Ward boundaries

2. Licensing (ensure this is checked to plot the following):

  • Licensed premises
  • Local Area Profile categories
  • Businesses and organisations that indicate an area where there is financial hardship
    • Pathway Partners
    • Homelessness Support
    • Mental Health Proxies
    • Schools
    • Community centres
    • Treatment centres
    • Places of worship
    • GP practices
    • Ward information for 10-24 age group, ethnic minorities, Universal Credit and Job Seekers

Read more information on the Local Area Profile.