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Lord Mayor's Weekend 2024

Norwich’s biggest FREE weekend street party – The Lord Mayor’s Weekend – will take place on July 13 and 14

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Difficulty paying your business rates

If you are having difficulty paying your bill it is important that you let us know straight away so that we can check to make sure you are receiving the discounts and reliefs which you may be entitled to.

If you do not tell us and continue to fall behind with your monthly instalments action will be taken to recover the outstanding money. This will involve a Magistrate’s Court summons and could result in enforcement agent action, committal to prison proceedings and insolvency.

If you do not pay the full amount or fail to keep to the arrangement agreed, a liability order will be obtained against your account which allows us to collect the debt from you in a number of ways. The account will then be issued to the enforcement agent who will collect the money on our behalf.

The consequences of late payment are severe - please get in touch as soon as you experience difficulty paying.

Enforcement agent fees

Under ‘The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014’, enforcement agent fees are fixed by law and the costs cannot be reduced or waived.

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