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Your leasehold

What are my obligations as a lessee?

Your exact responsibilities depend on your lease but you are generally required to:

  • pay a proportion of the council's reasonable costs of managing and maintaining the block and estate, and of the council fulfilling the lease requirements
  • pay the ground rent and all other charges for which you are liable at the times stated
  • keep your home in good repair and condition
  • advise the home ownership team within one month if you purchase, re-mortgage, transfer or sell your home, and meet our costs of registering the notice
  • use the flat or maisonette as a single private flat for residential use
  • repay any Right to Buy discount that is repayable if you sell your property
  • allow council officers or council contractors access to your property to enable us to fulfill our obligations as freeholder. The council will give you prior notice of its requirements
  • advise the home ownership team if the property will be empty or unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days.