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Repair responsibilities

Council responsibilities

We are responsible for maintaining and repairing:

  • the structure and exterior of the property, including drains, gutters and external pipes
  • installations for the supply of water, gas and electricity
  • installations for sanitation (basins, sinks, baths, showers and toilets)
  • heating installations (radiators, boilers, water tanks etc)

We must carry out those repairs provided:

  • the damage has not been caused by you
  • we know about the damage; and
  • we have your co-operation for our staff and contractors to access your home.

Repair priorities

Priority Description Target (days)
Emergency repairs An emergency repair is one that if not attended to would cause danger to life or property or extreme discomfort to the tenant. We aim to attend to make safe within 24 hours (depending on the nature of the emergency) and where possible, carry out a full repair.  24 hours
Urgent repairs We aim to attend within 5 days by appointment. These are repairs that may affect the tenant’s ability to live comfortably in their home. This would include (for e.g.) partial loss of heating, or partial loss of electricity. 5 working days
Routine repairs We aim to attend within 60 days by appointment. These are repairs for non-urgent failed or damaged items that do not adversely affect the tenant’s use of their home. This would include e.g. larger repairs, major plastering repairs, or repairs involving specialist or non-stock materials. 60 working days

For further information about your rights and obligations with regard to housing repairs and maintenance please see section eight of your tenancy agreement.

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