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Environmental strategy 2020-25

How will we know and review?

Delivery of the environmental strategy and action programme will be closely monitored through the council’s performance management framework. This includes regular performance review and challenge by officers, and formal performance reporting and review by councillors through:

  • Cabinet (quarterly through the council’s performance report).
  • Sustainable development panel (regularly on specific projects, services and activities).
  • A new members group called CEEEP (Climate and Environment Emergency Executive Panel).

We will also publish a biennial environmental statement that sets out overall performance against the priorities within the strategy.

The environmental strategy will be subject to a review at the end of each year looking at:

  • Overall performance and progress.
  • Changes in the national or local landscape.
  • Success of engagement and communication activities.
  • New opportunities identified e.g. through partnership work or engagement work.
  • Learning from pilot projects and approaches that have been tested.
  • Resourcing levels. 

This process will determine any changes to be made to the strategy.

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