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Whistleblowing policy

How the matter can be taken further

6.1  This policy is intended to provide an avenue to raise concerns within the council. The council hopes that those using this process will be satisfied with the way their concerns are treated and any investigations that may be carried out. However, if they are not satisfied and feel it right to take the matter outside the council, the matter can be raised with:

  • Protect on 020 3117 2520 or
  • a solicitor
  • relevant professional bodies or regulatory organisations, such as:
    • HM Revenues and Customs
    • Financial Conduct Authority
    • Competition and Markets Authority
    • Health and Safety Executive
    • Environment Agency
    • Independent Police Complaints Commission
    • Serious Fraud Office

6.2  In taking advice from sources outside the council a person must ensure that, so far as possible, it is raised without confidential information being divulged. Also a person would, other than in exceptional circumstances, be expected to have exhausted the internal routes available first.
6.3  Any individual has the right and responsibility to refer a concern to the police if they suspect a criminal act.

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