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Regulation 10A Review of the Local Plan

We have undertaken a review of the Development Management Policies Local Plan 2014 and the Site Allocations and Site Specific Policies Local Plan 2014, taking account of relevant government guidance. This review was endorsed by Cabinet on 13 November 2019. Read more about the review...

Our current Adopted Norwich Local Plan (November 2014) which is made up of three main documents, is the local development  plan for Norwich.

The documents set out strategic priorities for the greater Norwich area that allow us to manage development. They also include specific policies that we use to make decisions on planning applications across the area.

The Joint Core Strategy (JCS) sets out the strategy for regeneration and growth in the greater Norwich area up to 2026, while the two plans (Site allocations and Development management) provide detailed polices to guide and implement this strategy.

Supplementary planning documents provide additional guidance to support specific Local Plan policies .

The Northern City Centre Area Action Plan has reached the end of its ten year timeframe. Since 1 April 2016 it has legally no longer been part of the Adopted Local Plan for Norwich. If you would like to review the documents associated with this Area Action Plan, please contact 

We are working with Broadland District Council, South Norfolk District Council and Norfolk County Council to prepare the new Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP), which will plan for development until 2036.

Once adopted in 2020-21 the new GNLP will supercede the JCS and Norwich’s Site allocations and site specific policies plan.

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