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Community grants programme

Get Started grants

This funding is to support the growth of new groups who have identified an issue they would like to tackle in their local area. This might be setting up a youth group, a Friends group for a park, or any sort of group which brings a positive benefit to Norwich and its neighbourhoods.

What you will need to show that:

  • there are at least three residents who want to set the group up
  • you have considered what you want to achieve and why it’s needed
  • you plan to operate in Norwich city boundaries
  • you have thought about how to keep your activities safe, legal and well managed

At application stage, we do not expect you will have every policy and document you need. The officer who assesses your application will give you a detailed idea of which policies you will need and can support you to develop these. You will also need a bank account in the name of your new group for the funding to be paid into, but you do not need to have this in place before you apply.

If successful your group will be awarded a £300 start-up grant for your first 12 months to help you develop your group and can cover costs such as:

  • insurance
  • room hire
  • equipment
  • transport
  • marketing
  • training

You do not need to specify what you plan to spend the grant on in this form but if you have some ideas, you can let us know. You will have to report on how the money was spent at the end of the 12 months so we can see how it was used.

If your 12 month report shows that you have used this start-up grant well and made a difference to your local area, you may be invited to apply for a further £500 for a specific project you would like to undertake.

The application will give you more information on how to ask for support and what information you need to provide.

Get Started grant application form

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