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CCTV code of practice


The purpose of the Norwich public space CCTV system is to make the city a safer and more welcoming place at any time of the day or night. All citizens and visitors, no matter their age, gender, or race, deserve to participate fully and without fear in the life of the city.

Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich, NR2 1NH, owns and operates the CCTV system, and is responsible for the fair and effective operation of all aspects of the CCTV service. Monitor screens have been installed in police control rooms in Norwich and Wymondham, which will allow the council control room to relay live images through to the police. The police also have access to the system to conduct reviews of recorded footage.

The council’s CCTV system is currently made up of 118 cameras in total, these are at fixed sites and cover public spaces in the city centre. This includes the nighttime economy area as well as communal areas in some of our housing residential properties across the city.

These cameras are recording 24 hours each day, 365 days a year, from a purpose-built control room. Recorded footage is retained for 31 days until it is automatically overwritten by the system. Monitoring takes place at peak times.

There are also a small number of remote deployable cameras that can be placed in neighbourhoods for a temporary period. These are used to address community safety issues as part of a wider multi-agency response.

This code of practice sets out the aims of the CCTV system and how it will be used. The system will not be used for any other purpose than those set out on these pages.

If you would like this information in another language or format such as large print, CD or Braille please visit or call 0344 980 3333.

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