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This is a scheme that allows people to sponsor a new tree in the city – whether it’s to mark a special occasion, in memory of a loved one, or simply to make a positive contribution to the local landscape and environment.
Anyone can sponsor a tree – both residents and non-residents, individuals and groups or companies.


The cost of sponsorship is £250. This will cover:

  • Sourcing an appropriate tree. We choose a type of tree that is appropriate to where it will be planted and source it from a specialist provider to make sure it is free from disease and will grow well. Typically we will plant heavy standard planting stock and trees will be about 2.5m tall.
  • A choice of location. We aim to plant trees in the location requested but will discuss alternatives if this is not possible due to environmental, practical or legal reasons.
  • Planting the tree, which may include clearing concrete or paving slabs.
  • Securing the tree with a stake and ties and protecting it with a wooden tree guard.
  • Maintaining the tree by watering it for the first two years, carrying out young tree maintenance and inspecting the tree at least once every four years. Thereafter it will be looked after in line with our programme of tree safety inspection work.
  • A certificate including a tree location plan, the species of the tree and any commemorative information.

You also have the option to have your name and commemorative information added to the council’s list of tree sponsors.

Trees are planted over winter, typically from October to March. Applications to sponsor a tree planting received between January and September can be planted in the same year’s programme.

Applications received between October and December will usually be planted in the following year’s programme.

Tree work and preservation

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