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Feed your caddy – not your bin!

We have launched a campaign to encourage more residents to recycle their food waste and stop throwing it into the rubbish bin, which we're calling 'Feed your caddy.'

To encourage new comers to food recycling we'll be delivering free caddy liners to 55,000 properties across Norwich. Residents will also receive a ‘how to recycle food waste leaflet’, plus a sticker on their refuse bin reminding them to keep food out.

To support our campaign we’ll be posting tips and advice about food recycling, as well as ideas for reducing food waste in the first place via @norwichcc using the hashtag #feedyourcaddynorwich.

Read our press release about the campaign. 


I want to recycle my food waste, but I don’t have a caddy?
You can order a new or replacement food caddy and we’ll deliver it to you. We’ll also be giving out food waste caddies and liners at the One Planet Norwich Festival.

When will the free caddy liners be delivered?
We will be delivering caddy liners and leaflets between Monday 14 May to 25 May. Please note we can only deliver caddy liners to households not individual flats.

Will everyone in Norwich receive a free roll of caddy liners as part of the campaign?
No, we can only cover individual houses on this delivery, not flats.

What are the liners made from? Are they compostable? 
The free liners are made from part-recycled plastic and are not compostable. Advances in technology at the plant where Norwich food waste is recycled means that plastic liners can now be accepted. The liners are stripped from the food waste and recycled to create energy.

What happens when I run out of liners?
Norwich City council are offering free replacement liners. If you tie your last liner to your food waste caddy our collection crew will then leave you another roll.

Due to changes in the way that Norwich food waste is recycled, plastic bags can now be used as caddy liners. We are encouraging residents to reuse existing plastic bags, like shopping bags that are coming to the end of their life. Food bags such as bread, salad or cereal bags can also be used. Residents can also continue to use compostable liners.

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