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Allotment waste and polluting activities policy

Resolving waste pollution issues

While allotment rules allow for controlled quantities of certain useful materials on the allotment, it is important that allotment holders exercise discretion to consider the visual and environmental impact of having excessive materials on the allotments.

Tenants also need to have a plan for waste removal when they eventually give up their allotment. Abandoned waste can render plots un-lettable for future tenants. Waste materials left on plots can pollute the soil and could be burnt by new tenants leading to further contamination of the crop growing soil.

The council is aware that many new tenants have inherited new plots with historic waste issues. To prevent this from continuing to be a problem on the allotments it’s essential that plot holders, allotment associations and committees, and the allotment officer work together to follow the guidance outlined in this policy with the aim of passing on waste-free allotment plots.

Situations where new tenants take on historic waste can be considered on a case by case basis and if you are concerned by historic waste on your plot you should raise this with the allotments team as soon as possible to discuss available options. Ideally this should be done before you agree to take on the plot, so, when possible, please ensure you take the time to view your plot before accepting.