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Allotment waste and polluting activities policy

What happens if I breach the allotment waste rules?

Any prohibited materials listed at the beginning of this policy which are brought onto your allotment will result in a waste notice being issued. Excessive quantities of allowed materials which are considered problematic will also result in a waste notice being issued. The waste notice should provide guidance if there is a specific item of waste to clear such as tyres or painted timber. If the issue is general waste across the plot then the notice may not list all items of waste, and the tenant would be expected to have a general tidy up to cut down or remove unnecessary items from the plot.

Initially the council will give tenants the opportunity to remove allotment waste through issuing a waste notice which will detail the action needed to bring the plot back to standard. Tenancy of the plot will be at risk of termination if a waste notice is not complied with. A tenant may request an extension to the time outlined in the waste notice, if a clear plan to remove the waste can be agreed with the allotment officer.

If a tenancy is terminated then the tenant is given a further 28-day period to clear all of the waste from the allotment. If waste has not been cleared during this time, and no arrangement or notification has been given to the allotment officer for an extension, then the council may arrange for clearance once the waste notice has expired. Should such clearance occur, the former tenant will be recharged in full for the clearance and disposal of waste.

An ex-tenant who has had their tenancy terminated due to waste issues may find this policy useful to distinguish which materials need to be removed from their plot to avoid being charged for waste clearance after their tenancy has ended. The instruction to clear waste within the notices issued should provide advice on what materials need removing during the allotted 28-day period. However if the ex-tenant is unsure on what needs to be removed they must contact the allotment officer as soon as possible within the 28-day period to ensure the plot is handed back in an acceptable condition.