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Housing compensation guide

Why do we pay compensation?

We are committed to providing high quality services to our residents. Very occasionally our high service standards fall down, often due to circumstances beyond our control.

If this happens, we will try to put things right and make sure that it doesn’t  happen again. In some circumstances we accept that if we have failed to deliver our promised commitment, some form of compensation may be the appropriate way to give our apology.

This information is intended as a guide and is not exhaustive. For a full copy of our housing compensation policy, please contact us.

When will we pay compensation?

The table below shows the main circumstances for which we may consider a compensation claim and the amounts that may be appropriate. This list is intended as a guide, and is not exhaustive. Each claim would be considered on its own merit, following a full investigation.

We would require supporting information to consider each claim. For example, claims for damage to belongings would need to be supported with the appropriate receipts.

Some complaints may result in a goodwill gesture for such incidents where monetary compensation would not be appropriate.

Situation Payment amount
Loss of amenity such as water, gas, electricity, sanitation, heating or hot water (where we are responsible for provision or was the cause of the loss) £5-£10 per day dependent on the circumstances and if alternate means are provided
Failure to provide a service you have paid for A direct refund of any charges for the period, or a goodwill gesture for all those affected
Failure to carry out certain qualifying emergency repairs that fall within the Right to Repair scheme £10, plus an additional £2 for each day’s delay after the expiry of the second period the repair was due to be completed in, up to a maximum of £50 compensation as set out in statute
Major avoidable delay in completing a repair within the stated/agreed timescales Dependent on any loss suffered and circumstance
* Damage to your belongings, if we are liable, that are not covered by your home contents insurance that covers accidental damage * Goodwill payment dependent on circumstances and production of relevant receipts
* Damage caused by a contractor employed by us undertaking a repair and, after investigation, they (the contractor) are deemed liable * Goodwill payment dependent on circumstances and production of relevant receipts
A contribution towards electricity costs for heavy duty items used as part of a repair, eg dehumidifiers, or heaters used when heating has failed Compensation dependent on circumstances and production of relevant receipts
The cost (depreciated) of certain qualifying improvements you have made to your home which qualify for reimbursement on leaving the property This is calculated using a standard formula in accordance with set guidelines and the Citizen’s Charter Scheme
The loss of the use of your home or a room within your home (except for situations involving modernisation/
planned works programmes, fire or flood)
Compensation dependent on circumstances. Room loss payments are calculated using a set standard formula
You being moved from your home, either on a permanent or temporary basis – in some circumstances you will be entitled to a Home Loss Payment which compensates for the permanent loss of the home due to redevelopment, improvement or major repair work This payment is statutorily set by the government

* Where damage to goods or personal injury has occurred due to alleged negligence on behalf of Norwich City Council, the customer can submit a claim to our risk and insurance manager:

FAO Risk and insurance manager, Norwich City Council, St Peters Street, Norwich, NR2 1NH

In these cases, the person making the claim must provide evidence to support their claim. Goodwill payments will not be awarded while an insurance claim is in progress.

How do I claim for compensation?

If you would like to claim for compensation, please contact us online or by post.

To help us deal with your claim quickly and efficiently, please include full details of why you think you are entitled to claim compensation, including any additional information, such as copies of letters, receipts or relevant photographs, to support your request.

If you are completing the online form you will be able to upload a photograph or scanned copy of any of your supporting information (maximum size 4MB), so please have these ready to upload on your computer before you begin the form.

Contact us online

Letters should be sent to: Housing compensation claims. Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street, Norwich. NR2 1NH

If you need help completing an online form or writing a letter, please ask a Norwich City Council officer (such as a housing officer) for help.

You may also be able to get help and support from an independent advisor such as the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), which provides free information and advice on legal, money, and other problems.

Accepting an offer

Once your claim has been investigated, we will write to you with the outcome. If we offer monetary compensation, the details of the offer will be in writing, along with a Payment Acceptance Form and a pre-paid envelope. If you accept the offer you must return this form to us before we will pay you.

By signing and returning the form you are accepting the offer made to you in full and final settlement of your claim.

Payment method

All compensation payments will be made directly to your bank/building society account. The only exceptions are:

  • If you do not have a bank/ building society account, in which case an alternative method of payment will be arranged
  • If you are in rent arrears or have any other outstanding debt(s) with us (such as charges for repairs or failed gas safety inspection appointments)
  • In these cases payment will be credited to your council account

Right of appeal

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your compensation claim then you can appeal through our corporate complaints policy and procedure. An appeal must be made within 21 days of the compensation decision.

In the case of home loss and disturbance compensation payments, tenants also have the right to appeal under the Land Compensation Act 1973, by contacting:

The Lands Tribunal 48/49 Chancery Lane London, WC2A 1JR t: 020 7936 7200