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Caretaker service

If you are a tenant or leaseholder living in a tower block, or in one of our maisonette blocks with communal or shared areas, you may have services provided by a caretaker.

Does my block of flats have a caretaker?

All sites below have the services of a caretaker on duty from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:25pm.

Central area

  • Heathgate - 07769 883521
  • Winchester Tower and Johnson Place - 07769 883526
  • Suffolk Square - 07507 771441
  • Normandie Tower and Music House Lane - 07507 896364

East Norwich

Heartsease Towers - 07507 868541

Mile Cross

Mile Cross Towers, Lefroy Road, (9-103 odds) and Bowers Avenue (50-80 evens) - 07507 896191

Do I pay for this service?

The cost is shown as a separate service charge. Leaseholders are charged for the services through annual service charges.

What services are provided?

The following services apply to all blocks:

  • Cleaning lifts, stairs and landings
  • Maintaining refuse disposal systems (chutes and bin rooms, for example)
  • Removing and reporting graffiti
  • Clearing drains, gullies and paths
  • Removing litter
  • Reporting vandalism and antisocial behaviour (ASB)
  • Reporting repairs to communal areas
  • Security and emergencies
  • Monitoring estate services (ie refuse collection)
  • Cleaning of some communal windows and monitoring the communal window cleaning contract

What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

The caretaker only looks after the communal areas of the blocks. You are responsible for your own flat.

You can help everyone living in the block by:

  • leaving communal areas clear to prevent fire hazards
  • reporting any problems which affect communal areas in the block to the caretaker or the customer contact team on 0344 980 3333
  • putting refuse in the places allocated eg down refuse chutes
  • refrain from putting large items, like carpets and cardboard boxes, down refuse chutes
  • not contacting a caretaker outside of duty hours except in an emergency

Does the caretaker have a key to my flat?

The caretaker does not hold keys to individual flats.

In an emergency (such as a flood) council staff or contractors may have to enter an empty flat. In these cases the caretaker or a police officer will normally be present.

What about repairs and maintenance?

We are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the outside of your flat (leaseholders are responsible for their own repairs inside the flat). You are responsible for all internal decoration and cleaning including windows.

  • Report a repair
  • For emergency repairs only (out of hours) call 01603 412180.

Repairs to communal areas

During duty hours report repairs to your caretaker (mobile telephone number can be found in the foyer of your block) or phone the customer contact team.

For emergency repairs only (out of hours) call 01603 412180.

Repairs to lifts

Report the repair immediately to your caretaker.

The contact number for the lift engineer can be found in the lift or on the outside of the lift.

If a person/s is trapped in the lift, you may have to call the fire service if no other help is available.

Caretakers are not allowed to try and release people trapped in lifts.

What do I do if I have a problem with the service I get from the caretaker?

Talk to your caretaker first. If you are still not satisfied, we have a complaints procedure for anyone who is not happy with the service they receive.

How to make a complaint