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Safer food, better business (SFBB)

All businesses which serve food and/or drinks are required to have a documented food safety management system. This is a written description of the controls you have in place to make food safely.
The Safer food, better business (SFBB) pack has been developed to help catering and retail business (such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways and convenience stores) comply with the requirement to have a documented food safety management system.

Sign up for the SFBB training workshop

To receive a copy of the SFBB pack and to learn more about how to use the pack we recommend you attend one of our Safer food, better business training workshops.

Using the SFBB pack

The SFBB pack contains sections called Safe Methods which cover areas including cross-contamination, cleaning, chilling, cooking and management. Within each Safe Method section, information is provided to highlight important food safety issues and space is given for you to write down what you do.

When using the pack you must ensure that:

  • all of the relevant Safe Methods and the cleaning schedule have been filled in
  • staff handling food have been trained to follow the Safe Methods
  • the diary is filled in and signed every day 
  • the pack is kept at the premises and available for inspection

Other ways to get the pack and diary refills

Order and pay for a pack or diary refills from Coventry City Council (other online retailers are available). Please note that only a few diary pages are provided with their packs and you will need to either copy these or purchase the diary refills separately. 

Order a pack or diary refills online

or download and print a copy for your business from the Food Standards Agency website:

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