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About your Council Tax 2024-25

What is Council Tax? 

Council Tax is your way of helping to pay for many local services like children’s services, waste collection, parks, street cleaning, highways, police and much more.

The amount of Council Tax you pay is based on the value of your property and which ‘property band’ it is in and not on what the household earns.

About your Council Tax 

Norwich City Council collects Council Tax from local tax payers on behalf of itself, Norfolk County Council and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Norfolk, and receives 13p out of every pound collected. The rest goes towards funding various services provided by Norfolk County Council (73p in every pound) and the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (14p of every pound). 

Norfolk County Council

  • adult social care
  • children’s services
  • highways

Norwich City Council

  • waste and recycling
  • environmental health

Police Precept

  • policing
  • crime prevention victim support

The Secretary of State made an offer to adult social care authorities. (“Adult social care authorities” are local authorities which have functions under Part 1 of the Care Act 2014, namely county councils in England, district councils for an area in England for which there is no county council, London borough councils, the Common Council of the City of London and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.)

The offer was the option of an adult social care authority being able to charge an additional “precept” on its Council Tax without holding a referendum, to assist the authority in meeting its expenditure on adult social care from the financial year 2016-17. It was originally made in respect of the financial years up to and including 2019-20.

If the Secretary of State chooses to renew this offer in respect of a particular financial year, this is subject to the approval of the House of Commons”.

Band Property values (as at 01/04/1991)

Valuation band Value of property
A Up to £40,000
B £40,001 - £52,000
C £52,001 - £68,000  
D £68,001 - £88,000
E £88,001 - £120,000
F £120,001 - £160,000
G £160,001 - £320,000
H Exceeding - £320,000

Having trouble paying?

Anyone who needs help to pay Council Tax and is on a low income could qualify for Council Tax Reduction.

If you think you are entitled to Council Tax reduction or are having trouble paying your bill, please contact us as soon as possible so we can help.

Your bill will be changed if you qualify for any of the Council Tax discounts or exemptions.



Banding appeals

There are very few circumstances in which appeals against banding can be made and are restricted to:

  • an increase in the property value resulting from building work
  • a decrease in the property value due to the demolition of any part of the property, any changes in the physical state of the local area or an
  • adaptation for use by someone with a disability
  • a change in the balance between domestic and business use of your property.

Appeals should be made online at


t: 03000 501501

Liability appeals

You may also appeal against being billed if you consider that you are not liable to pay Council Tax.

For example:

  • you are not the resident or owner
  • the property should be exempt
  • the council has calculated your bill incorrectly.

See the back of your bill for details about how to make an appeal.

Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of Council Tax. If your appeal is successful, you will be entitled to a refund of any overpayment.


Second homes and empty properties

Second homes are properties that are furnished, but where no-one lives in them as their main residence. Norwich City Council does not grant a discount on properties that fall within this category.

Empty properties are defined as properties which are unoccupied and unfurnished. Norwich City Council does not award a discount following vacation.

From 1 April 2024, if a property remains empty after one year a premium of 100 per cent will be payable in addition to the full charge. If a property remains empty for five years, a premium of 200 per cent will be payable in addition to the full charge.

Properties which have remained empty for ten years or more will be subject to a premium of 300 per cent.

Under the government’s Levelling Up and Regeneration Act, local councils can charge double Council Tax on furnished homes not used as a sole or main residence. As from 1 April 2025 Norwich City Council has taken the decision to charge a 100 per cent council tax premium on properties “occupied periodically” ie not used as a sole or main residence for more than 1 year. This means you will have to pay twice the normal charge.

Dwellings which form annexes in a property and which are being used as part of the main residence or dwelling in that property are not subject to the empty property premium.

A premium will not apply to a dwelling which would be the sole or main residence of a person, but which is empty while that person resides in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence by reason of their employment.

Annexes occupied by non-dependent family members

People who occupy an annexe who are related to the council tax payer of the main dwelling will qualify for a 50 per cent discount.


Your Council Tax may be reduced if you, or someone you live with, have a disability. The property must contain facilities which are essential, or of major importance in meeting the needs of the disabled person – such as an additional bathroom or kitchen, extra space to allow for the use of a wheelchair indoors, an extension or a room used predominantly by the disabled person due to the nature and extent of their disability.

To qualify for the reduction, the extra room need not be specially built, but could be an existing room used specifically for the disabled person. We will treat your property as if it is in the valuation band below. If your property is in band A you will still qualify for a reduction.

If you live alone, your bill will be reduced by 25 per cent. If you, or someone living with you, fits into one of the categories below and there are no other adults living in the property, you could also get a reduction.

The categories are:

  • full time students, student nurses
  • apprentices, youth training trainees 18-19-year-old (at or just left school)
  • hospital/hospice patient (permanent)
  • residential care/nursing home resident
  • people who receive child benefit
  • severely mentally impaired
  • hostel/night shelter resident
  • members of religious communities
  • full-time carer (excluding those caring for husband, wife, partner or child)
  • persons in detention
  • members of International Headquarters and Defence Organisations
  • visiting forces
  • partners of students who are not British
  • diplomats.

Local discounts

Norwich City Council has introduced three local discounts:

Is your property exempt?

Some properties – both occupied and unoccupied – are exempt from Council Tax. Please contact us if your property falls into one of these categories.

Property unoccupied because:

  • it is owned by and was last occupied by a charity (exempt for up to six months)
  • the owner/tenant is in prison
  • the owner/tenant is receiving personal care permanently in a hospital or home
  • it was formerly occupied by a now deceased person (owner or tenant)
  • it is forbidden by law to occupy
  • it is awaiting occupation by a minister of religion
  • the owner/tenant is living elsewhere to receive personal care
  • the owner/tenant is living elsewhere to provide personal care to another person
  • the owner/tenant has moved to become a student
  • it has been repossessed by a mortgage lender
  • it is the responsibility of a bankrupt’s trustee

Contact details

Online: make payments and find information about all council services at

Register for Council Tax Online at MyAccount to view your balance, switch to paperless billing and update your contact details.


Text relay: 18001 0344 980 3333

Payment hotline:
freephone 0800 021 7784 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)

By post:
Norwich City Council City Hall
Norwich NR2 1NH

Direct Debit

Direct Debit is the quick and easy way to pay your Council Tax. Contact us today to set up your 6, 10 or 12 monthly instalments or annual payment arrangement.

Set up a Direct Debit online

For more ways to pay, please see the back of your bill.

Other formats

Information about your Council Tax is also available to download as a PDF document.

If you would like this information in another language or format such as large print, CD or Braille please visit or call 0344 980 3333

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