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Apply for housing

To rent a council house, sheltered housing or housing association property in Norwich, you will need to apply to join our Home Options Scheme.

Demand for social housing in Norwich is extremely high, with more people wanting social housing than there are properties available. Because of this there are restrictions on who can join the Home Options scheme. It is unlikely that you will be housed through the scheme if you already have a suitable home.

Even if your application is accepted it does not mean that you will be successful in bidding for a property and the waiting times can be lengthy.

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Other options

You may find a property in an area of your choice sooner if you consider other housing options such as:

  • renting privately
  • shared housing
  • lodgings or supported accommodation
  • staying at home longer than intended

For advice and support to help you decide which housing option is right for you, call 0344 980 3333.

Housing allocation

The allocation of all social housing in Norwich is set out in the Home Options Allocation Scheme. It applies to all applicants equally to ensure fairness, transparency and consistency.

The policy sets out:

  • who can apply for housing
  • the application procedure
  • how we assess and prioritise applications.
Please read this policy before applying. 
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