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Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction appeals

Appeal a Housing Benefit decision

If you disagree with the decision about your Housing Benefit you can: 

  • ask for an explanation of the decision 
  • ask for a review of the decision
  • appeal the decision

You must do this within one month of the date on your decision notice either by email or post. 

Ask for an explanation of the decision

When you have received your decision notice you can ask us for an explanation about it if you think it is wrong or you don't understand how we worked out your Housing Benefit claim.

You must make your request in writing to the revenues and benefits service within one month of the date on your decision notice.

We will then send you a written statement (statement of reasons) explaining our reasons for the decision and the way in which it was calculated.

If you still don't agree with the decision, you can ask us to review the decision or you can appeal against it.

Ask for a review of the decision

If you do not agree with any of the information we have used to make the decision you can ask us to look at it again. 

The request must be in writing and must tell us which decision you would like us to look at again and your reasons why. 

We will review our decision and either change it or inform you that the original decision has not changed. 

If you still do not agree with the decision you will be given another month from the date of this letter to make an appeal. 

Appeal the decision

You have the right to have your decision considered by an Independent Tribunal, but we will look at the decision again first, even if it has already been reviewed.

You must ask for an appeal in writing to us and sign your letter. You must tell us which decision you are appealing against and what it is that you do not agree with. If we do not change the decision, we will refer it to the Courts and Tribunals Service.

You will be sent notification of receipt of your appeal.

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