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Leaseholders' handbook

Insurance cover

Leasehold insurance dispensation application

The council applied for dispensation of the consultation requirements for leaseholder insurance cover. The application is to be heard on 24 October 2023 and the outcome of the hearing could affect the amount that leaseholders are liable to pay for insurance cover.

Read about the application and hearing here 

As the freeholder, the council is responsible for arranging buildings insurance cover on your property. The cost is included in your service charge. The policy does not include cover for the contents of your property. You need to make your own arrangements to cover these. 

A public liability policy is also provided which covers you and members of your family who normally reside with you. This policy is for claims made by members of the public who are injured, or whose property is damaged, by your property.

Restrictions apply to the insurance cover when the property is sublet. We recommend you take out public liability insurance to cover yourself in the event of a claim arising out of your tenant’s occupancy of the property. For example, if they leave a tap running which causes damage to the property below.

Insurance documents

For Protector Insurance (from 1 April 2023)

For existing Avid claims (before 1 April 2023)

Building insurance claims

Claims where the loss or damage occurred before 1 April 2023 should be directed to Avid

If you are making a claim for damage that occurred before 1 April 2023 this claim will be with Avid Insurance Services and handled by Questgates Ltd.

Make a claim online to Questgates

You will need to provide the Avid insurance policy number: 2022CP000279

Claims where the loss or damage occurred from 1 April 2023 onwards should be directed to Protector Insurance.

If the damage you are claiming for occurred from 1 April 2023 onwards, then this claim will be with Protector and handled by Sedgewick.

Make a claim with Protector

Claims must be notified as soon as possible.

To report a new claim:

You will need to provide the Protector Insurance policy number: 3141712

Information you will need before making a claim

  • Cause of damage
    • Has the cause been rectified, for example if there is an escape or water or water ingress, has the water been stopped?
    • Is the property secure?
  • Description of damages
    • How many rooms have been affected?
    • Areas of damage - such as walls, ceilings, décor or flooring.
    • Photos of damages where possible.
    • Details of any contents, stock, Money or other damages.
  • Date of Loss
  • Is the property tenanted?
    • Is the property suitable for use?
  • Are there any losses in respect of rent or business interruption to be considered?
  • Are there any third parties responsible for the damage (We will require their details to investigate a potential recovery).
  • Any crime reference numbers or emergency service details to be provided where applicable. 

Within one business day of the notification, Sedgwick will provide a claim number for the incident and will acknowledge the new claim to the Policyholder/Leaseholder direct.

For incidents where specialists are needed,  they be will appointed as soon as reasonably possible to contact the policyholder/leaseholder direct.

Claims with a reserve of £50,000 or more will be referred by Sedgwick immediately to Protector Insurance to review and handle in house.

Insurance excess

If the claim is successful you will need to pay the appropriate excess. The amount varies depending on the type of claim. The current excess is:

  • General excess - £100
  • Subsidence excess - £1000
  • Property Owners Liability - £0

If you have any questions about your claim, please contact Sedgewick on 0161 823 1912 or email

What if I believe the damage to my flat is the council’s fault and I want to make a claim?

If you believe damage caused to your property which has resulted in a claim on your buildings insurance is the fault of the council or any of our contractors, please contact the home ownership team on 0344 980 3333 and we will issue you with a liability claim form.

You must complete and return your form to the address provided in order for your claim to be processed. Please note that there is no automatic right to compensation and each claim will be considered on its own individual circumstances. A decision will be sent to you directly by the council’s insurance representatives.

Even if you intend to pursue a claim against the council you are also obligated to inform the insurance company as soon as possible of any incidents that could potentially give rise to a claim against the leasehold buildings insurance policy.

Please note that no liability cover applies if you are a non-resident leaseholder.