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Types of committee


See the scrutiny committee meeting dates and agendas

Councillors who do not sit on cabinet are expected to review/scrutinise and oversee decisions made by cabinet. They can ‘call in’, for reconsideration, decisions made by cabinet or an officer which have not yet been implemented.

The main functions of scrutiny are to hold cabinet to account by examining their proposals; evaluating policies, performance and progress; ensuring consultations, where necessary, have been carried out; and highlighting areas for improvement.

The council’s overview and scrutiny function works to improve services the council provides. Any non-cabinet member can take part in overview and scrutiny, including policy development and review as well as the monitoring and questioning of decisions made by cabinet and senior officers.

From time to time the Scrutiny Committee may appoint a Select Committee to discharge any functions of the Scrutiny Committee. A Select Committee is made up of a small number of councillors who are appointed to deal with particular areas or issues.

How to get involved

We also welcome public involvement. There are a number of ways you can get involved – whether it’s suggesting topics, giving your views on an issue being discussed at an overview and scrutiny meeting or attending a meeting.

If you would like to raise a topic for discussion please complete the request form.

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