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Report a problem with tree on council owned land

Graphic showing a block of flats, houses and a man cutting grass in a park


Norwich City Services Ltd (NCSL) provide arboricultures services. Before you tell us about a tree problem on council owned or managed land, check below to see when we prune trees and remove them.

We are only responsible for trees on land owned or managed by us:

  • gardens of council homes
  • communal areas of council homes or flats
  • parks
  • woodlands
  • cemeteries

For problems with trees and hedges near roads, pavements and any other public right of way contact Norfolk County Council.

We do not prune or remove trees to deal with:

  • leaf and fruit fall from a tree onto a property or highway
  • bird noise and droppings as this is a natural occurrence
  • pollen, sap and insect excretions
  • reduced daylight entering a property
  • branches overhanging a property boundary
  • poor television reception
  • interference with telephone cables

We do prune trees when they are:

  • touching adjacent property.

We may remove trees when they are:

  • diseased
  • structurally unsafe or leaning dangerously
  • damaged and potentially hazardous
  • preventing access (where pruning is insufficient)
  • dead

Report a problem with a council tree

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