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What to do about condensation and mould

Causes of condensation

The three main causes of condensation are:

  • moisture produced by everyday activities
  • not enough ventilation
  • cool temperatures

Cooking, drying clothes, showering – even breathing – add to the moisture in the air. If this moisture is allowed to build up it can cause damp. This can increase the risk of respiratory illness and cause black mould growth on walls, ceilings, furniture and clothing.

Some people may not realise that this mould growth is often caused by condensation from normal activities, mistakenly thinking these are signs of damp caused by problems with the property itself.

How much moisture can be produced in your home in one day?

Activity Number of pints
Two people active for one day 3
Cooking and boiling a kettle 6
Having a bath or shower 2
Washing clothes 1
Drying clothes 9
Using a paraffin or bottled gas heater 3
Total amount of moisture that can be produced in your home in one day 24 pints