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Changes to income, savings and investments for benefits

Tell us of any changes to your household's income and savings immediately so we can make sure your benefit is correct.

To speed up your claim

You need to:

  1. complete the change of income, savings or investments form (you will be asked to register for an account before completing the form)
  2. ensure you have the proof of changes we need – see below
  3. upload evidence to support your claim

Alternatively, you can upload any supporting evidence when you have them at hand or visit the customer centre in City Hall and use our self-scanning station to submit your evidence.

Changes we need to know about

We cannot work out your benefit until you have provided all the proof of changes that we ask for.

Changes to earnings

If someone has started working we will need:

Payslips (either five weekly, three fortnightly or two four-weekly, or two monthly)

If you don’t have all the payslips we need, please provide those you have and ask the employer to complete the certificate of earnings form.

If someone has stopped working we will need:

The final payslip received and the P45 from the employment which has ended.

If earnings have increased or decreased we will need:

  • the last payslip received at the old amount, and
  • either five weekly, three fortnightly, or two four-weekly, or two monthly payslips at the new amount.

We will need all the payslips as soon as they have been received.

Changes to benefits

If benefits have started we will need:

  • the award letter showing which benefit is received and the date it started.

If benefits have stopped we will need:

  • the letter you received showing the date it ended and proof of any other income you receive or will be receiving.

If your benefit has changed we will need:

  • your award letter showing the new benefit you will be receiving.

Changes to tax credits

If tax credits have started, stopped, or changed we will need:

  • all pages of the new award letter showing details of all payments received.

Changes to savings, capital and investments

You will need to provide bank or building society statements if you or your partner have combined savings or assets of:

  • £5,500 or over (for working-age people)
  • £9,500 or over (for pensioners)

Please ensure any statements you provide have the following information on them:

  • Name and address of the account holder(s).
  • Account number and sort code.
  • Details of all transactions on the account in full.
  • Date when the change occurred ie the date the balance increased/decreased substantially.

If you or your partner have opened or closed an account we will need confirmation of this with the relevant opening and closing balances.

We may need to contact you about what happened to any money withdrawn from the account after it was closed down.