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View and comment on planning applications

How to make a comment on a planning application

If you would like to make representations or objections about a planning application please quote the reference number.

Comments on planing applications should be made in writing:

In order for your comments to be taken into consideration, any comments or objections should be lodged within a specific time frame. A minimum of 21 days is always available for public comment.

Read our Planning Services Privacy Notice to find out what happens to your personal data when you appy for planning permission or comment on an application.

Submit a comment online

The expiry date for public comments varies for each application and can be checked via the Planning Public Access website by entering the application number and selecting Important Dates under the Details tab. There may be multiple expiry dates for different types of consultation (eg letters, site notice and press notice) the latest of these dates will be the final date for comments to be received. If you need to contact us about commenting on an application you can find the case officer’s number on the Planning Public Access website by searching for the application number and selecting Further Information under the Details tab.

Comments will be available as public information. Therefore, you may choose to provide your comments as an attachment if corresponding by email and exclude your signature from any correspondence. Please note – we cannot take comments made anonymously into consideration.

The council reserves the right not to publish or take into account any letters of representation which we believe are defamatory, offensive or racist.

Please include your name and postal address and the reference number or site address of the application, along with your comments. Your correspondence will be acknowledged and you will be given advice on how to find out if it is on a committee agenda and how you can participate. All comments received are assessed by the planning officers together with other considerations.

Please note – comments received on applications will be available as public information and will appear on the Planning Public Access website. We cannot accept comments made anonymously.

The planning support team will check comments for sensitive information or information which identifies an individual. Comments which do not contain such information will appear online. The checking process means comments will not appear on the website immediately and will appear up to a few days after submission. Comments which contain sensitive information or information which identifies an individual will not appear online but may still be made available on request (this may be a redacted version).

Due to the high volumes of responses we receive the council will not respond individually to all comments or questions. Any issues raised will be considered before the application is decided.

If you would like to make a representation in respect of an appeal you can do so in writing to the Secretary of State. Further information is available on our appeals page.

For comments relating to a householder, advertisement or minor commercial application there will normally be no further opportunity to make a representation at appeal. However all comments received during the course of the application will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate. For all other types of appeal you can make representations in writing to the Secretary of State as above.

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