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Site allocations and site specific policies

The Site Allocations Plan sets out detailed policies and proposals for 73 sites in Norwich where new development and change is expected between now and 2026.

The Joint Core Strategy for greater Norwich requires enough land to be identified in Norwich to deliver a minimum of 8,592 new dwellings between 2008 and 2026. Some of this housing has already been built and many housing sites already have planning permission. This plan allocates sites for 3,000 of these homes.

The plan also provides for employment and mixed use development on key sites to support growth and regeneration.

Plan contents



Policy context

Site selection


Introduction to the site specific policies

City centre site specific allocations

Site specific allocations in the remainder of the city

Appendix 1 - Sites not carried forward into this plan

Appendix 2 - Site implementation table

Appendix 3 - Monitoring Framework

Appendix 4 - Glossary

Site Allocations Plan PDF downloads

You can also download the complete Site Allocations Plan and supporting documents as pdf files.

Download the Pdf files

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