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My Norwich

Tenant Engagement Strategy 2023-26

Local and national context

Our council

Corporate plan vision

The council’s corporate plan (2022-26) sets out the vision for the council and the city over the next four years.

In delivering its vision, the council focuses on enabling tenants and communities to thrive and make the changes they want, and the council gives a commitment to prioritising listening to tenants to inform council decision-making.

Tenant population

  • 27% of tenants over 65 years of age.
  • 28% of tenants have a disability.
  • 15% of tenants are from ethnic minorities.
  • 68% of tenants in receipt of financial support.
  • 40% of homes occupied by a single occupant.
  • 70% of homes do not have any children.
  • 25% of tenancies held for more than 20 years.

Source: Housing Management database 2022

You told us…

Most important factors:

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Building safety
  • Anti-social behaviour

Interest in activities:

  • Completing an occasional or one-off survey
  • Community based event 

Preferences for taking part:

  • Monthly, weekday, daytime

Barriers to taking part:

  • Health
  • Work and studies
  • Family commitments

Encouragement to get involved:

  • Knowing views will make a difference.
  • Activities that don’t take too long.
  • Able to take part without long term commitment.

Source: Tenant Engagement survey 2022

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