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Tenant Engagement Strategy 2023-26

Key Aims

Three guiding principles and priorities underpin the tenant engagement strategy. Tenants can scrutinise, influence and shape housing services.

  • Easy, accessible, and inclusive
  •  Meaningful, collaborative, and effective 
  •  Valued and tenant voice at the heart

Priority 1 - To strengthen engagement, participation, and empowerment.

  • We will embed co-designing into improving our services to meaningfully involve and empower tenants and our communities.
  • We will systematically collect and use our everyday interactions with tenants to shape service delivery.
  • We will encourage a growing sense of community empowerment, with tenants being far more active as they experience a genuine sense of involvement and influence.

Priority 2 - To improve communication and interaction. 

  • We will find out what matters the most to tenants and the best ways to engage on these things.
  • We will identify the barriers that prevent tenants from taking part in engagement activity and create new opportunities that encourage and empower more tenants to get involved.
  • We will achieve more diversity in tenant engagement to better reflect our community.
  • We will review the ways we communicate and use more channels with a greater reach to share information with tenants.
  • We will strengthen digital solutions to improve access to information and to increase engagement using technology.
  • We will link to the Council’s wider Citizens Participation Strategy, sharing learning to maximise involvement and participation and working in parallel where appropriate.

Priority 3 - To enable scrutiny 

  • We will report against new national tenant satisfaction measures to make our performance as a landlord more visible to our tenants.
  • We will review the accessibility and availability of information for tenants to scrutinise our performance and hold us to account.
  • We will develop and support a tenant-led scrutiny process to challenge our housing service and recommend improvements.
  • We will offer support and training to tenants who want to engage with us, helping them to build their knowledge and skills.
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