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My Norwich

Housing Management Strategy 2023-26

Cross cutting activities

  • Independent living: we will enable tenants to live independently by providing support services to adapt homes to help households manage; to support those experiencing complex needs; and to have dedicated sheltered housing.
  • Tenancy sustainment: we will focus on enabling tenants to get advice to help them manage their tenancy from us and a range of partners. 
  • Neighbourhoods: we will create neighbourhoods pleasant, welcoming, and enjoyable to live, from grass cutting to redesign of estates.
  • Income and Debt Management: we will provide support and advice on how to best manage when paying rent becomes a challenge.
  • Customer and digital engagement: we will enable tenants to access services through online, mobile, and digital channels so they can self-serve and be better informed.
  • Performance and regulation: we will monitor and display performance, setting out how effectively services are delivered, whether this meets standards, and planned improvement.
  • Enforcement: we will take enforcement action where lifestyles and behaviours impact on others, where necessary we enforce tenancy conditions which can mean serving notices or seeking possession.
  • Safety and compliance: we will keep our tenants safe, through programmed safety checks, visits, record and intervene on corrective action.
  • Involved and informed: we will seek tenants views on service design and feedback in relation to services, inform wide cross section of tenants alongside.  
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