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Evidence we need to process your claim

Seven items of evidence we need from you

If you provide the following seven items we promise to process your benefit claim in the shortest possible time.

1. Your fully completed claim form – this means you must answer every question.

2. Proof of identity for you and, if you have a partner, for him or her as well (we will need two forms of identity for each of you).

3. Proof of National Insurance number for you (and your partner).

4. Proof of income for you (and your partner).

5. Proof of all income for anyone else living with you (including your children, other relatives/friends).

6. Proof of all savings (if you or your partner jointly have more than £5,500 held in a bank account, building society, or in other forms of investment such as stocks, shares or properties).

7. Proof of your rent (if you pay rent to a private landlord or housing association). We will need to see both of the following:

  • Proof of current rent
  • One recent bank statement – in your name or your partner’s name so we can pay benefit to you directly.
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