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City centre site specific allocations

CC11: Land at Argyle Street


The site is located in the southern part of the city centre and is 0.32 hectares in size. The site is part of the Argyle Street housing estate and contains 19 housing units. These units are now vacant as the buildings have become structurally unsound due to subsidence. 
The site is adjacent to a housing area to the north and neighbours the remains of St Peter Southgate Church (grade II listed) and its former churchyard, which is a designated public urban green space with play equipment. It is also adjacent to the Ber Street wooded ridge on its south-western boundary. 
Argyle Street is in the Rouen Road/King Street area and is covered by King Street section of the City centre conservation area appraisal. The area is undergoing significant change and many former industrial buildings close to the river have been replaced or converted to residential uses. The wooded ridge which runs from Thorn Lane to Argyle Street forms an important ecological link within the city centre and extends along the south of the site through the historic churchyard. 
Explanatory text

The allocation of this site for housing development will bring it back into use and help regenerate this part of the King Street area. It will also contribute to delivery of the JCS’s housing target.
Development must address the site’s constraints. The site’s history of subsidence means that the existing buildings must be demolished to make way for new development; future development must address the ground condition issue requiring significant ground conditions investigations and any necessary mitigation prior to development.
Development should have regard to the City centre conservation area appraisal. 
The wooded ridge should be protected and development should seek to enhance the green corridor network which runs adjacent to the site.
An archaeological investigation will be required.
Development needs to ensure that the water environment is protected throughout the development of the site. The site falls within Source Protection Zone 1, designated to protect water supplies, and therefore the water environment is particularly vulnerable in this location. Detailed discussions over this issue will be required with the Environment Agency to ensure that proposals are appropriate for the site and that the site is developed in a manner which protects the water environment.

The site is owned by Norwich City Council. The site is suitable and available for development.
POLICY CC11: Land at Argyle Street – housing development
Land at Argyle Street is allocated for housing redevelopment, for a minimum of 12 dwellings.
The design of development must respect the adjacent wooded ridge and the setting of neighbouring listed and locally listed buildings.

Site specific Allocation Land at Argyle Street