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Site specific allocations in the remainder of the city

R27: Goldsmith Street


This brownfield site of 1.2 hectares was formerly used for light industry and housing, but demolition has recently taken place. The site is located in a densely developed residential area and is largely surrounded by a mixture of terraced houses and flats, with a church to the north-east and an open space to the south-east. 
Explanatory text

The site provides the opportunity for development of new housing on a brownfield site within a predominantly residential area. The site has excellent access to jobs and services in the city centre and neighbouring shopping facilities at Distillery Square district centre on Dereham Road. 
The site provides the opportunity to enhance pedestrian and cycle access between the district centre, the Midland Road open space and Old Palace Road, providing links to the inner circle cycle route and local routes as an integral part of the development. 
An assessment of on-site trees has been undertaken which identifies those which should be retained. Given the site density requirement, the development should aim to achieve improvements to adjacent green spaces as part of any scheme. 
Prior to development, assessment and remediation of any possible contamination and ground conditions should take place. An archaeological assessment will also be required. 
Since the site is over 1ha a flood risk assessment is required and appropriate mitigation measures shall be provided as part of the development. As the site also lies within a Critical Drainage Catchment as identified on the Policies map, a surface water management assessment should be included in the flood risk assessment. Development proposals involving new buildings, extensions and additional areas of hard surfacing should ensure that adequate and appropriate consideration has been given to mitigating surface water flooding in accordance with policy DM5.
Vehicular access to the development should be from Goldsmith Street, Greyhound Opening and Haslips Close. Design of the scheme will require a review of controlled parking zones to enable high density development within this area and will require an additional designation to cope with revised on street parking arrangements.
The site has been the subject of a design competition. A design brief, available on request, has been produced providing additional information on site constraints and opportunities. The scheme should follow the design guide and competition outcomes to provide an enhancement of the design quality of the area. Layout and built form should be designed to respect the amenity and access arrangements of other residents within the area.

Two smaller parts of the area were previously allocated in the Replacement local plan for housing. This enlarged site, suitable for a comprehensive housing scheme, is available for development.
POLICY R27: Goldsmith Street – housing development

The site (1.2 hectares) is allocated for housing for approximately 100 dwellings.
The development will:

  • include a pedestrian/cycle route as an integral part of its design to provide links between Midland Road open space and Old Palace Road;
  • contribute to improvements to the neighbouring open space;
  • be well designed in line with its design guide.

A flood risk assessment including a surface water management assessment should be submitted with any application proposing development in accordance with this allocation. The assessment should show how the proposed development:

a) would not increase the vulnerability of the site, or the wider catchment, to flooding from surface water run-off from existing or predicted water flows; and

b) would, wherever practicable, have a positive impact on the risk of surface water flooding in the wider area.

Site specific Allocation Land, Hall Road and land to the rear